church bookkeeping

The software assumes a basic understanding of double-entry accounting, so the learning curve may be a bit steep for someone with no prior accounting knowledge. Some hurdles a church bookkeeper faces are managing the complexity of church finances, dealing with the volatility of donations, and ensuring tax compliance. Maintaining financial transparency is crucial to upholding the trust of the congregation and donors. Implementing internal controls and staying updated on changes in financial regulations and accounting standards are significant challenges that require ongoing attention.

Accounting Software Built for Churches

Increase donations with one-time or recurring online gifts through text messages with no additional cost, and send customizable year-end giving statements recognizing the generosity of your community. Fund accounting also helps churches keep an 501c organization definition eye on restricted funds since all resources are categorized and allocated accordingly. Let’s say the $100 tithe from the example above was given by a congregant who wanted their contribution to be used for your children’s ministry program.

Account Management and Funding Organization

That’s right, the depth and breadth of your ministry’s story—much of the heart-lifting, life-changing impact you’re making—is hiding in a spreadsheet and waiting to be revealed. Where each dollar goes and what it accomplishes says more about your church than most leaders realize. As the Vice President of Marketing for ACS Technologies, John is responsible for Marketing’s overall corporate strategy and direction.

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Learning curve may be steep if you have no prior accounting knowledge. Our experts are here to guide you so you and your church can thrive. Find help articles, video tutorials, and connect with other businesses in our online community.

church bookkeeping

The Best Church Accounting Software

FreshBooks’ award-winning customer support means you never struggle to get assistance. You can expect a live human to answer the phone within two seconds, then zero hold time. Before a human answers, there are no endless runarounds with prerecorded messages and requests to push different buttons. You can also seek support via live chat, webinars and a knowledge base. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.

If you’re looking for a quality bookkeeper for your church, we’d love to help get your money on mission. To start a conversation about placing your money on mission, book a call with one of our experts today. The dashboard and reports can provide new insights to help reduce church costs. AccountEdge Pro is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly and easily manage their finances and inventory.

church bookkeeping

Most software uses double-entry accounting, meaning it factors in assets, liabilities and equity, in addition to revenue and expenses. You need a church bookkeeping system that not only tracks expenses and income, but also tracks your assets and liabilities. How to do church bookkeeping might differ from church based on size and budget. However, there are some basic church bookkeeping tips that every church should follow.

As a church owner, you know that providing the best environment to your congregation not only includes offering your support but making sure your finances are “in the black”. Afterall, you want to offer new events, keep up with repairs and make sure the lights stay on. That means that staying on top of your church finances is super important. Impress congregants with professional invoices and tax receipts that can be customized to reflect the spirit of your church.

  1. The software’s mobile-first features — such as the ability to send invoices by iMessage or add widgets to your phone’s home screen to easily access timers and overdue invoices — really help set it apart, though.
  2. With the Pro Plan, you can  add your accountant as a limited user so they can securely access the information they need.
  3. If you’re wondering how I selected the best church bookkeeping software, here’s where I’ll break it all down for you.
  4. As a church administrator, it is hard for you to manage all the church’s finances with the extensive list of obligations that you already have.
  5. Another strength of Botkeeper is its ability to provide real-time data insights.

If your operating budget is your church’s master financial plan, financial statements are your church’s master fiscal reports. Each statement organizes and summarizes your church’s data in a different way to provide insights into its financial situation. NerdWallet independently reviews accounting software products before determining our top picks. We collect the data for our software ratings from products’ public-facing websites and from company representatives. Information is gathered on a regular basis and reviewed by our editorial team for consistency and accuracy.

From increasing giving, managing your congregation, and engaging your church, our collection of resources will keep you up-to-date on the latest church and ministry trends. If you want to check it out for yourself, Church360 offers an oddly-specific 37-day trial period. This program provides a powerful accounting system for small to mid-size churches that just need the basics, all at a reasonable, budget-conscious price.

Right now, check that it’s within your budget and is compatible with your point-of-sale and/or payroll software, as well as your accountant’s system. Based on how much you expect your small business to grow, keep an eye on scalability, too. The role of a church bookkeeper in budgeting and planning is crucial for the church’s financial health and strategic direction. Church bookkeepers work closely with church leadership to develop and maintain a budget that aligns with the church’s mission and goals. Church bookkeepers work closely with church leadership to develop and implement internal controls and financial policies.

Built with true fund accounting, it allows you to manage fund balances with precision. You can manage all contributions, gifts, and donations and accept payments by ACH, debit, or credit card. Based on my technical consulting for a metropolitan church, I’ve shortlisted and reviewed the best church bookkeeping software to help you manage your church’s affairs responsibly and even increase donations. Also sometimes called on-premise software, desktop accounting software must be locally installed on a specific computer and can only be accessed from that one device or location. Unlike some competitors that require you to pay extra for a time-tracking module, all FreshBooks plans come with unlimited time tracking.

The system captures data from cost and revenue documents via mobile app, auto-invoice fetch, or email. You can then extract data quickly and publish to the right place quickly. Can manually enter time in Essentials plan and higher; automatic time tracking costs extra.

The bookkeeper is crucial in monitoring the church budget throughout the year. They track actual income and expenses against the budgeted amounts and report any variances to church leadership. The ongoing analysis helps identify trends, promptly address any financial issues, and adjust the budget if necessary. The church bookkeeper assists in long-term financial planning, including setting aside funds for capital projects, establishing emergency reserves, and planning for future growth. The bookkeeper’s expertise in financial management supports the church’s ability to fulfill its mission and serve its community effectively.

Church members can donate money to the church quickly and easily right from their invoice. Get weekly updates on church tech, happenings at, free resources for your church and more. There are additional products from the same developer that will integrate with Church360 Ledger, so as your tech needs grow, so will your software choices. Just keep in mind, pricing can easily jump depending on your use case.

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